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About Stilt Studios

“It’s mission is to build innovative structures that improve its inhabitants experience, while treating lightly on Earth. “

Stilt Studios is a prefab building manufacturing company. It was founded in 2019 by Florian Holm and is located in Bali, Indonesia.

Stilt Studios is a full stack manufacturer – designing, manufacturing and setting up it’s products, with its subsidiary boutique hospitality company Grün also operating its houses.

The current product line up includes four categories with Tiny Houses, Modular Homes, Treehouses and Studio N. The Tiny Houses and Modular Homes are based on a modular prefab platform that enables flexible designs, mass production at highest quality and fast setups.

The company’s first product in 2019 was Treehouse A, B and C, which was further iterated to the today still built models Treehouse Studio and Treehouse Villa. In 2022 it developed its modular prefab platform with the Tiny House and Modular Homes series following out of it.

Stilt Studios puts a large emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Our products are offered with a negative CO2 balance for the materials used and are rigorously optimised for high energy efficiency, while at the same time ground closure is minimised.

Core Values


We all work towards our mission to build innovative products that improve the experience of our customers and lighten the impact on Earth – this is our first priority and north star


We work together in a way where we value ideas and innovation before hierarchies or work experience – the best ideas should voices, heard and implemented


We embrace problems and challenges as hurdles to innovate and occasion to distinguish ourselves – no progress without problems and all problems are soluble

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