Stilt Studios Development

Treehouse Studio

The Treehouse Studio is a minimalist, yet sophisticated treehouse design. It has a fully utilized square floor plan with a staircase on the side. The Treehouse Studio is the perfect fit for people who want to experience elevated living.

  • High-end wooden finishings
  • Carefully crafted interior and furniture
  • Minimalist, compact design
  • Off-grid energy-saving options
  • Quick on-site installation
  • Insulated, high-efficiency building envelope
  • Customization to climate zone

Treehouse Studio is 6×6 meters with an additional 9m2 balcony, leaving you with a place of 36m2 on stilts that has everything that you need. This size makes it easy to live in, with a maximum of 2 people.


The Treehouse Studio offers an off-the-ground hospitality experience. The open layout allows efficient unit flow between living, sleeping, dining, and bathroom.

The structure of the treehouse is made out of prefabricated elements. The interior is dominated by warm wooden interior that acts as carbon capture. Collaborated with Sungai Watch, we build recycled walls made from plastic waste.

The structure is built on stilts, therefore, removing the need for a foundation and minimizing the building footprint. Our method is aligned with our goals to tread lightly on the earth.

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